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Friends 3 label value pack, wine labels with the funniest quotes about friendship

Best Wine Friends

Let your wine loving friends know how much you value their friendship by gifting them their favorite wine bottle with one of these snarky wine labels slapped on! They’ll love it, I promise.

Partner In Wine

I have a few of those, partners in wine. Mine are mostly moms, like me. Women I can easily finish a bottle of wine with. Whenever we get a change to get together (which is almost never) we love to talk, laugh and wine together.
We all bring our favorite wine to the meet up. I can’t wait for them to see mine with my new friends wine label slapped on!

Order Yours

Make sure you always have a fun wine label ‘lying around somewhere’ so you too can surprise your friends at unplanned meet ups, dinners or parties.
Our wine labels are simple the best AND easiest gift for a wine loving friend, lover, coworker or relative!

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