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Value Pack with three funny labels about the bitch squad

Snarky Gift

Have you and your besties finally made the time for a girls night? Whether it’s a night on the town or a dinner date, you ALWAYS need wine, right? Slap one of our Bitch labels on a ‘boring’ bottle for an instant rememberable gift!

Surprise Bitches!

I love making the extra effort when I’m hosting my girls at home. I’ll make sure to have stocked up on all their favorite snacks. And wine of course, lots and lots of wine… That’s why I can’t wait to see their faces when they look up while I’m pouring and see my special wine labels! These are great for a finishing touch and will make the evening even more rememberable. Drink up bitches!

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Make sure you always have a wine label ‘lying around somewhere’ so you’ll too will never be surprised by unexpected birthdays, dinners or parties.
Our wine labels are simple the best AND easiest gift for a wine loving friend, lover, coworker or bestie!

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