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Birthday 2 wine labels value pack

Birthday Gift

Finding an original, funny birthday gift can be so easy. Just slap one of our funny, snarky labels on a ‘boring’ bottle for an instant awesome gift!

Sounds Familiar?

My coworker casually mentions at the end of a long workday, that she’s exited for her birthday tomorrow. Wait….what? Shit, I totally forgot about that!
But luckily I always have some wine labels lying around somewhere. No need to go for a late night gift shopping spree, I don’t even have the energy for that. I’ll just slap on one of my birthday labels on a bottle of wine that is lying around somewhere. Done!
Now, pass me the wine…

Stock up!

Make sure you always have a wine label ‘lying around somewhere’ so you’ll too will never be surprised by unexpected birthdays, dinners or parties.
Our wine labels are simple the best AND easiest gift for a wine loving friend, lover, coworker or boss!

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