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About Founder Relaxingmommy

Lonneke Buijze Bazelmans, owner of Fun Wine Labels Shop

Hi, I’m Lonneke, founder of Fun Wine Labels. Some of you might know me as Relaxingmommy.
I’m a married, forty plus old lady who lives in a tiny house with three (teen) girls, a hairy husband and a handsome cat.

When I’m not drowning in laundry or wiping make-up off faces, mirrors or walls, I’m a sommelier in a restaurant. Which basically means I get paid to taste wine…not a bad gig, amiright? 😜
Besides owning, and working in a restaurant, I founded @mamadrinktwijn (mommydrinkswine) in 2016. A online shop & community where I started selling wine labels in my native language (Dutch).

Humor & Wine

Humor has always been my way of coping with the crap life likes to throw at you, I prefer laughter over losing my ever-loving shit. It’s not just a parenting style, it’s my lifestyle.
I love sharing funny (original) memes and quotes on my IG page @relaxingmommy to hopefully bring a smile on your face.
Also, I love wine. Wine is not just my job, it’s my passion.

So here I am, combining my two loves; funny quotes and wine, which for me would be the BEST GIFT EVER!!

Love 💕 Lonneke


About Relaxingmommy
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About Relaxingmommy
Relaxingmommy is the founder of a funny mom humor instagram account and A online shop for wine labels with a funny wine quote.
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